Primary Contact
Matt Sheehan
(916) 341-6344
Alternate Contact(s)
Law ComponentAction Item/Answer
Collector Registration Required No
Combined Recovery & Recycling Payment Rate $.85/lb. for CRT CEW and $1.03/lb. for Non-CRT CEW. The recovery payment for approved collectors is $0.33 per pound for all CEW.
Consumer Fee At Purchase Yes - >4” but <15”: $4, 15” but <35 “: $5; 35“ or more: $6
Covered Entities Businesses, Government, Household/Consumer, Non-profit/Charity, Schools
Disposal/Landfill/Waste Stream Ban Yes
Enforcement Authority for Sale of Unregistered Products Yes
ERCC EcycleRegistration Accepted No
Initial Manufacturer Registration/Fee Required No
Manufacturer Notice To Retailers Yes
Manufacturer Notice to Retailers Due Date April 1
Manufacturer Recycling Obligation or Goal No
Manufacturer Registration Required No
Manufacturer Reports Deadline July 1
Click Here for more instructions on manufacturer reporting.
Manufacturer Shortfall Fees No
Market Share No
Modification Forms Required For Changes to Existing Manufacturer Registrations No
Pounds Collection Target/Obligation for Manufacturers none
Primary Contact Matt Sheehan
(916) 341-6344
Product Labeling Required Yes
Products Banned From Disposal/Landfill/Waste Stream Cell Phones, CRT Monitor, CRT TV, Desktops, Flat Panel/LCD Monitors, Flat Panel/LCD TV, Laptops, Printers, Tablets, Telephones, VCRs
Products Covered CRT Monitor, CRT TV, Flat Panel/LCD Monitors, Flat Panel/LCD TV, Laptops, LCD Laptops, LCD-containing Smart Displays, LCD-containing Tablets, OLED-containing desktop monitors, OLED-containing laptop computers, OLED-containing Tablets, Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)-containing TVs, Plasma Televisions, Portable DVD players with LCD screens, Tablets
Recycler Application or Registration Fee $0.00
Recycler Application or Registration Required Yes
Application with 2 year renewal cycles
Recycler Reporting Deadline March 1
Click Here for more instructions on recycler reporting.
Screen Sizes Accepted Greater than 4 inches and determined by DTSC to be hazardous.
State Ewaste Recycling Law Yes
Target Type N/A
Written Notice About Recycler/Collector (Municipal) Relationship No

Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC)

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